It is a pleasure for me to provide deserving students with letters of recommendation.  I am fully aware of the importance of good letters of recommendation because I, too, have depended on letters of recommendation for summer jobs, graduate school, and a professional career.  You should seek the best recommendations that you can.  I aim to provide strong letters of recommendations for students who excel in my class(es) or research, demonstrate a passion and ability for learning and doing, and in general go the extra mile.

Good letters of recommendation take time to write, so I ask that you please abide by the following requests:

1. Ask me if I can write you a good letter of recommendation (or serve as a strong reference if no letter is required). Please ask each time you apply for a new position.

2. If requesting a letter, please give me at least 2-weeks notice. I may still be able to provide you a letter with less than 2-weeks notice, but it may not be as well-written.

3. E-mail me a copy of your resume. 

4. Provide me with a concise paragraph describing why you are interested in the particular position. What aspect(s) of the position are most exciting to you?

5. Optional (but super helpful): provide me with a copy of the cover letter that you are including in your application.

6. Provide me with the due date, the mailing address, and who the letter should be addressed to (if you know).  Providing this information saves me time searching the job ad.

7. Provide me with a copy of the position description/job ad.

8. If a waiver form is to be included with the letter of recommendation (usually for grad school letters), bring me a signed copy of the form. It is generally recommended that you select 'waive' on the form. 

9. Send me a reminder e-mail 4 days before the due date and another one on the due date if I have not yet provided you with confirmation of sending the letter.

10. Keep me posted about any follow-up interviews or job offers!

11. Optional (but really nice): Send me a photo of you on the job or in grad school!

**Note about Parsonage Fund recommendation requests:  1) If you are seeking funding to attend a conference and more than one student will be attending, a group proposal must be submitted and you are expected to organize this with each other well in advance to make the application process run smoothly, 2) request letters of recommendation in a timely fashion and always provide a copy of your proposal including detailed budget so that I can adequately fill out the recommendation form, 3) Don’t forget to send your letter writers feedback on how much you got out of the experience!

Thinking about getting research experience?

If you are interested in being a member of my research lab, there are a few options:

Senior Capstone Project – I can assist Northland College students with developing an independent senior capstone project that may or may not be related to the primary research in my lab.  Capstone projects are for students who are highly motivated.  You will receive academic credit.  Depending on the scope of the project, there may be opportunities to receive funding to complete the work. Also, you are always encouraged to submit funding requests through the Parsonage Fund.

Research Assistants – I occasionally seek Northland College students to assist with my lab’s research during the academic year and often the summer.  In addition to grant-funded positions, if you are eligible for work study during the summer months, I’d be happy to chat with you about possible summer work.

Work Study Students – Depending on the year, I may hire 2-3 work study students in Fall and Winter.  These positions may be similar to a research assistant position, but generally also include duties such as assisting students with equipment, herbarium curation, native plant propogation, and keeping the lab organized, etc.